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Prism Marine is a marine consultancy group specializing in commercial marine operations.

Prism Marine has decades of combined marine industry experience that allows us to see the big picture and assist with even the most challenging marine projects. 


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Committed to Safety

Commercial Marine Solutions

Through our safety principles, we believe that careful planning and precise execution are the key ingredients to a safe, yet efficient, working environment.

Our services include:

  • Marine crewing and personnel solutions.
  • Marine transportation solutions, including the arrangement of specialized cargo deliveries.
  • New Build and Refit commissioning procedure packages.
  • Marine operational process development.


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Testing, Certifications and Standards

Guidance for all aspects of marine safety and standards compliance

Our crews are  reliable, efficient, professional and experienced. 


Consult with us for …

  • Sea trials and annual testing supervision.
  • Regulatory compliance implementation
  • Developing and providing required vessel documentation and manuals.
  • Guidance and documentation in preparation for Class Audits.
  • Standard Operating Procedure development.



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